Sunday, May 12, 2013

365 | Days 126 - 132

What a lovely week it has been.  Busy, as usual, but filled with a different peace.
Its getting hot here.  Today it was 99 degrees.  But typical of May, it was cold enough for sweatshirts just 3-4 days ago!!!
The last 4 weeks of school are going to creep and fly by all at the same time and sooner than we know it we will be living in grandma's pool for the summer!!


  1. The tongue sleeping is too cute. And T with the baseball gear, is completely adorable.

    Crazy to think in 4 days I get to see you.. I'm not ready!!! Especially with how quickly it got so hot. Thank goodness your yard faces east!

  2. Oh I love sleeping shots - so sweet! And that sunset is AMAZING!! Love that last shot from the pool. Great week!

  3. Wow, your low light shots are gorgeous! Beautiful use of light! And the pool pic is perfection. :) I love how you managed to frame them in the tiny sliver of pool that low angle gave you. Nice work!

  4. Saw the first ones...went to comment...then got caught up in the other pictures and forgot what I was going to say! :)

    Love the light in those first three. Fabulous...and such tender moments. Love the pool and blueberry shots, too. Great composition on both of those. Love seeing the eyes peek over. Looks like a great week!

  5. You have some beautiful pictures here. The last picture and the sunset are my favorites out of the bunch.