Tuesday, March 26, 2013

365 | Days 78 - 84

 Its already Tuesday night and it feels like its just Saturday... because we are on VACATION!!  Yay for Spring Break!! 
Not the crazy, big party, beach vacation kind of spring break, though... we roll with the- forts, legos, bikes, and pretend ninja in the back yard- while mom cleans, does laundry, and reorganizes- kind of spring break:) Its awesome! These are the good days.

Last week, the Studly (see day 84) Hubba and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary (see day 79)!! We did a little shopping, a little shooting, and a lot of eating and it was wonderful!

Oh, and here is a warning... day 81 is over the top DORKified!!  But it was the best I could do with a remote and a face that felt as if it was melting off... and I felt that ridiculous, that I had hounded my track kids all day at the meet to lather up and drink water, and there I was getting scorched with no sunscreen... oh, well ;)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

365 | Days 71 - 77

Oh, I think I have hit a wall.  My creative energy is fading.  
This week is less than stellar, but it is what it is.  
I'll take a second look. Later. And find something to improve on... I hope!

Anyway, this was a super busy week!  Caleb had his first open house and was so proud to show all he knows:)  Friday was his first jog-a-thon and he totally missed out on running because he walked his face into the gate on the way there and spent the whole 'running time' in the nurse's office... he was really bummed.

The time change has been hard for us, but it is nice to see the sun for a little longer in the evenings!  The warmer weather has been a welcome change too... here's to hoping spring sticks around!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

365 | Days 63 - 70

These three are growing right before my eyes.
Personalities emerge stronger every day, and every day I am reminded that I can't do this 'parenting' thing on my own.  
I need Jesus.
And my Hubba.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

365 | Days 55 - 62

Another phenomenal week. 

We kicked it off with Moosie's birthday party and wrapped it up with lots of family time.  Just the kind of week I like.  One full of celebration and LOVE!

And a super huge shout out to Bubba this week (see Day 60)... he received a Character of the Month award for Caring!  Makes this Mama's heart sing!!