Tuesday, April 2, 2013

365 | Days 85 - 91

What a fun week we had!
The weather was perfect and we spent lots of time outside.
The boys enjoyed playing in the back yard, getting dirty, and climbing all over the place.
I enjoyed the sound of distant laughter:)

Oh, and its pretty safe to say I am obsessed.
Looking through my pics this week, at least one in three was of Sissy's hair.
I'm obsessed.
I love it.
You'll see why...


  1. Those are adorable curls! Love the cousin love they have. Looks like they'll be the best of friends growing up!

    And how can you take a picture of "nothing" and have it be so great!!?
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  2. Erin, what a beautiful photographic week!

    great photo of Snickers :-)

    I love the whistling photo, did he really whistle, i still don't know how to whistle!

    baby curls....so gorgeous!

  3. These are precious! I LOVE the curls. That photo of Snickers is great - what a cutie!

  4. So adorable! You took her to Pete, huh???!!! LOL! Love you!

  5. Howdy, Pen Pal! <3 I'm going to need more information about Snickers. Henry, my middle, wants a dog that loves him and sits on laps like Snickers is doing here. Must know more! And congrats on the curls! The girl hair is so much fun. I totally understand the obsession!

  6. Love the lines on the fence and the blinds! And who wouldn't want to take pictures of that hair? Beautiful!