Sunday, March 17, 2013

365 | Days 71 - 77

Oh, I think I have hit a wall.  My creative energy is fading.  
This week is less than stellar, but it is what it is.  
I'll take a second look. Later. And find something to improve on... I hope!

Anyway, this was a super busy week!  Caleb had his first open house and was so proud to show all he knows:)  Friday was his first jog-a-thon and he totally missed out on running because he walked his face into the gate on the way there and spent the whole 'running time' in the nurse's office... he was really bummed.

The time change has been hard for us, but it is nice to see the sun for a little longer in the evenings!  The warmer weather has been a welcome change too... here's to hoping spring sticks around!


  1. Aww Erin, I'm sorry to hear your creative energy is fading ... but I also think you're being a little hard on yourself! These are great. I love that backlight in the image of your daughter on the bike! And I find your flower image quite creative! <3

  2. This is your lack of creativity!? Yeesh.. love it. You look sad..and tired in your picture, but I know you have the craziest most insane schedule, so its more than ok! :)

    I love how much T is growing and changing. She is such a beautiful girl!

    Can't wait to see things that are 'more inspiring' for you. =D
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  3. I think these are wonderful! I love that tricycle shot - great light, soft tones and she just looks adorable. And that pink flower is lovely. Some weeks are definitely harder then others, but you are doing great - these are lovely. Keep shooting!

  4. Great job with the macro extension tubes. Love it! Also, your little girl is so darn adorable. She has such a contagious smile. I am sorry you are feeling uninspired. I know all too well what that is like. I went through that last month, but came across a post that really helped me get inspired again. Here is the link ( I hope you find it helpful and feel inspired again soon. Honestly, your images don't reflect your lack of inspiration.

  5. I like your uninspired shot: nice light. The pink flower is SOOOOO pretty ♥♥♥♥. keep pressing on. I almost gave up today :-( hoping to pick some tubes, which ones did you get, not sure what to buy ( it goes from 8$ to 200$ on amazon, kinda lost).

  6. These are great! I particularly love the tricycle shot and the last one with the chickens - too cute! I'm having a really hard time finding inspiration right now, too - we just keep getting more snow and can't get outside - argh. Hopefully soon!

  7. I LOVE these photos. If these are uninspired, then I can't imagine you inspired. I think these photos are beautiful! (I'm especially partial to the flower!)

  8. Wow, the light in that trike picture is lovely, and I'm especially smitten with your chicken bokeh. LOL Like somebody else said, if this is uninspired, you're doing well!