Saturday, February 16, 2013

365 | Days 41 - 47

Exciting times this week!

The weather was warmer than it has been in a while and it felt so good to be able to be outdoors a little more.

The boys really enjoyed celebrating and preparing for Valentine's day and Sister strives to be more and more independent every day!

I got a set of macro extension tubes off of Amazon for just $10 and started playing around... can I just say, macro is WAY harder than it looks!!!  Total fail for me!!

All in all, it was a blessed week... full of busyness with a happy and healthy family.  Praise the Lord for that!


  1. I really love all these Erin! The stadium shots are really amazing and I just really love that first one of your daughter on the bike - precious!

  2. Beautiful images Erin! I always love your posts-you always capture such a wonderful variety of gorgeous images with wonderful perspectives and lighting! I adore the stadium shot, such wonderful lines!

  3. I love your black and whites this week. Very creative and great use of light in all of them.

    If you really want us to be picky, then thinking about your goal - I'd suggest watching out for the finger chop in the (adorable) photo of your little girl.

  4. I'm went to the track and didn't call me!? We can't be friends anymore...

    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  5. Erin you've had a fabulous week with your camera! love them. I was away and took some bad iphone photos, need to get some creative juices flowing again, you are inspiring me.

  6. I super puffy heart your stadium image. Such a wonderful composition with crazy awesome lighting. Anticipation is also a great capture. Love the hands and the little face in the corner. I can feel it! A really great set of images this week.