Tuesday, December 4, 2012

November FUN!

Warm Novembers are great!  Walks, bike rides, strolls, lots of outdoor fun!

Love these kiddos and their Daddy!!!

She is in love with these shoes...

These faces!
He is a ham and a half!

I love this boy's hair!  He won't let me cut it, or style it... he wants it be "Moosie hair"... and I oblige, because he is stinkin' cute!

Levi is 3.75 years old and has been riding with no training wheels for about 6 months!! I credit it all to his balance bike!  Best idea ever!

I realize the next two are out of focus and super bright... but its ok with me, because look at the joy on their faces!!!

Look Mom, no hands;)

This was Thanksgiving at Granny and Pops!!  Loved the leaves

He was pretending... promise.

This boy... gosh... he melts my heart.
I told him there was a bunny in my camera (original, I know)... the frame before this he is squinting, looking hard... then I told him it would be invisible unless he smiled- it worked!! For me anyway!
Speaking of melting my heart... look at this studly man!  NO WONDER I have the most adorable children... what a HUNK:)

Here's to finding Joy in the many blessings the Holidays bring and in knowing that we all received the greatest blessing and gift of Grace and redemption through Jesus.  As we move quickly in to December, remember the true reason we celebrate.


  1. Your kids are just the cutest things ever. That's awesome he's already riding on 2 wheels!! Very impressive
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  2. Looks like a whole lot of fun! And looks JUST like my house! Two boys on bikes, baby girl, a whole lot of fun. Nice job!

  3. They are So CUUUTE! And I die for those funny faces! You tell a great story!!

  4. oooh i just loved these, your kids are adorable!!! LOVE their browns eyes!! Your kids look a lot like hubby!!